Region 8 police officers train for an active shooter inside a school

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Craighead County Sheriff's Deputies must be prepared for any situation.  On Thursday officers got some new training so they are ready to go into a situation where there is an active shooter.  In years past, protocol would require the officers to wait for backup but after several shootings at businesses, courthouses, and even schools this is the training they need.

"How to get the first responders, the patrol officers on the street to be able to effectively deal with the situation," said Mike Aultman, Vice President of ALS Technologies.

All of the officers with the Craighead County Sheriff's Department are going through this training, many for the first time.

"This is something that can happen and history has shown it will happen," said Craighead County Sheriff's Deputy Marty Boyd.

School Resource Officer Jamey Carter said having this training makes him feel a lot more comfortable.

"If we have an incident at the school I know my backup is coming from the sheriff's department primarily. When they get here I'm going to know what they know they're going to know what I know," said Carter.

To fully understand and react like they should, this training takes things a step farther.

"We'll have role players where we're using force on force action we're using simunition where they'll be taking fire," said Boyd.

"When people are shooting at you training and tactics really seem to drive home," said Aultman.

Aultman said an active shooter situation can happen anywhere and they happen in smaller communities more often than larger ones so the better prepared any department is, the better.

"They're practicing room entries, they're learning how to move and communicate as a group.  Communication is one of the single biggest things that breaks down in these situations," said Aultman.

The training allows officers to make mistakes here, instead of making them when lives are on the line.

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