Some in Region 8 say it's hot outside because it's July

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - You don't have to be a rocket scientist or a meteorologist to know it's hot out. It's supposed to be. It's July.

You look up in the sky, and the sun is broiling. Water quickly evaporates.

Sweat pours down off you almost the second you go outside.

For most of us, summer is just no fun. But, there are the rare ones amongst us who actually like hot weather.

Charles Latham was cutting grass.

"I don't really mind it because my body is used to it. And, I do quite a bit of this kind of work and yes I don't mind it. In fact, I enjoy being outside."

Unbelievable as it seems, Mr. Latham wasn't the only one who said they didn't mind being outside when it's this hot.

I am not a hot weather person in any way shape or form.

I dread the coming of the sunny summer months.

When it gets hot, I like to be under a shade tree or inside a building.

And, of course, if you ask anybody how hot it is.

Meteorologist Justin Logan says "It's Normal! This is generally the hottest week of the year on average."

So, is it hotter than normal?

Logan, "Nothing abnormal as of yet."

Latham, "This heat has been on since June, and that's really early for June, so it's hotter than usual."

Whatever the case, it's still hot--too hot to be outside.

Everybody has to be out in the sun sometime including the guys from the Jonesboro Radio group. Christy Matthews and the bunch were at a car dealer with the BFG, and I don't think Christy likes the heat very well.

Birthday girl Mikhail has a great idea for when it's hot.

"You can play in the pool if you get hot, and you can play with your friends outside."

Later on I stopped by the Paragould water park.

You know I can't think of a better way to beat the heat, and doggone it I wish I had brought my swimming suit.

But seriously, the heat does present a danger. Mr. Taylor nearly passed out from the heat yesterday. Here's a heat survival tip for you:"You get overheated pour water on the back of your wrists and the back of your neck, back of your head. It cools you down pretty quick. "

The rest of his work crew were laying concrete forms with out shirts on. These guys don't wear shirts in this heat?

Chris Wallace, "Most of the time. Most of the time. It's easier to keep sweat off concrete like that."

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