Flooding Angering Jonesboro Residents

May 19, 2003
Posted at: 10:46 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, Ark. -- Jonesboro city leaders were soaked with complaints after repeated rainfalls flooded local homes and businesses over the weekend.

Recurring rains made Jonesboro a muddy mess. For the second time in two days, citizens have gotten in their two-cents worth as residents attending Monday's City Council meeting said much of the city's flooding problems could be fixed.

Many city leaders met with residents in a special Sunday meeting to speak with them about their flooding concerns.

Flood problems at one property on Stadium Boulevard culminated for Vonda Montgomery in August of last year.

"Over a foot of water in our building," Montgomery said. "That's over 6,000 square feet."

Other Jonesboro residents had similar drainage stories. Some say a few problems had been fixed, but others problems have taken their place.

"(It is) flooded, I can't see the street," Ron Worley said of the street in front of his home. He added that the water "follows the drive way into garage."

But city engineer Claude Martin says a city reporting system which began April 2 will hopefully help with the flooding.

"(We have) 138 on the list," Martin said. "Seventy-nine received today."

"I live in the drain of Quail Ridge," Michelle McDaniel said. "My home flooded again. It has been for three years."

Some like McDaniel and Montgomery say they can't get flood insurance to help pay for repairs, due to their land not being in a flood zone.

"(That's) $6,000 out of our pocket," Montgomery said.

These residents say they're drowning in frustration over the damaging flood water.

"The problem is drainage off Highland center, no place to go," Montgomery said.

For those residents that have a drainage problem, Martin asks that call his office, so that a complaint report can be filled out. City leaders are asking residents to have patience when it comes to solving flood problems, saying they don't want to rush things and make a current problem even worse.