Region 8 firefighters work with community's youngest residents

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Around one hundred children ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade got a one on one lesson from Jonesboro fire fighters about safety.

Britteny Kellett with the Nettleton Public Schools Camp Raider program says the kids get a lot of visiting the fire department.

"We're doing this, having them teach our kids to what to do in case of an emergency, such as fire. What kind of plan to have, what they need in their house, and how to get out of the house or call 911, just in case."

Kellett says it's important information that the children remember and pass on, "The kids really learn from it, they pick up on what's being said to them and it's for their safety.  They even answer questions and help the other kids who have never been before."

Jonesboro fire fighters like Captain Eric Simmons, says the younger children begin to understand the dangers of playing with fire and what to do, the better.

"We want to catch them as early as possible. For instance, when I was younger I didn't know what to do because I was at a place that didn't teach it. So, we want to be sure and catch them early so they can protect themselves, protect their families. . .Maybe they have a baby brother or sister. And so, we just want them to be able to get out as quick as possible, stay out and protect themselves."

Captain Simmons says they try to teach the kids a number of general fire safety rules, "We're trying to teach them fire safety basics. What to do if their clothes catch on fire, which is stop, drop and roll. We're also teaching them about the two ways out of the house. We always try to explain the need to have smoke alarms in the house because of the way smoke is, carbon monoxide. We want to be sure they wake up. So, we talk to them about changing the batteries in their smoke alarms, testing the smoke alarms weekly. And we also try to teach them about their windows, make sure you can unlock them. Make sure they know how to open them, how to get out and having a meeting place once they get out."

For more information about this program, log on to their website.

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