Teens build wheelchair ramp for Region 8 veteran

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Pools, camps and family vacations are all things kids do to stay busy during the summer.  Instead of fun in the sun, some teens across the state are spending their summer doing something completely different!  65 teens are in the Jonesboro area this week working on multiple projects giving back to others.  One of the projects is happening at a house in Brookland building a wheelchair ramp for a world war two veteran.

"We've built two platforms to make the wheelchair ramp out of," said Maddie O'Connor.

"I was kind of nervous about it because I don't saw things I'm not a good hammerer," said Cicely Brave.

"I've never used tools.  I am not a tool person.  I can't hammer very well and I can't saw but I can measure," said O'Connor.

These teens are putting all that behind them so they can do what they came here for.

"It's definitely overwhelming to get here and see huge piles of wood and nothing done," said Daniel Meeks.

The ramp is being built at the home of 93-year-old Raymond Coy.

"Mr. Coy has received five bronze stars and a silver star," said Jerry Crump.

Last week he also received a wheelchair donated by the military order of the Purple Heart.

Jerry Crump is Vice Commander of the organization who is working to widen the sidewalk as part of this project.

While a hammer and some nails are part of what these teenagers are learning this summer learning to build something isn't the only lesson they'll take away.

"It's inspiring just to watch the kids come together and take a week out of their summer and just do volunteer work for people who need it," said Meeks.

"It's overwhelming and relieving when you finish and you know you are helping out so many people with things that they need," Brave.

Mr. Coy does get around pretty well on his own, but also has help from family and friends but this new ramp and his chair will help him be more mobile.  When the ramp is finished it will also give this construction crew an accomplishment they've never had before.

If you want to help with this project you can contact Jerry Crump at 870-273-4658.

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