Something's in the water in Tuckerman

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

TUCKERMAN, AR (KAIT)- Something is in the water in Tuckerman! The town has had water problems for years, but this current situation has pushed residents over the edge and some to the hospital. Now, they're demanding answers from the mayor.

"I don't want nobody to drink bad water. I don't want to drink it, and I don't want nobody else to drink. If I Thought it was that bad, I would be the first one to tell you," says Tuckerman Mayor Everett King. But last Thursday when residents turned on their faucets, it was a different story when a problem occurred after putting in new tanks.

"It was a mechanical mix up. The machine went down and when it did it cycled the chemical back over into the water," says King. The chemical mixture boosted PH levels to dangerous numbers. "We got a ph level we try to operate under and what the Health Department tell us to operate under and the PH got more than that. It got too high for it." King explains.

"Made this one to drink, but this is what came out of our pipes over the weekend," says Rickey Rowland, who was born and raised in Tuckerman. He says when your water looks like sweet tea there's a problem. "There's lots of senior citizens in town that all they do is garden and you got to think that's going into their vegetable right there," he says.

But King says the problem has been taken care off. "I dumped out 75 thousand and 400 thousand out of one to tank to get it out of the system," says King. On Tuesday, to prove the water's safety, he got a drink from the fountain. "The Health Department was here they checked for three to four hours yesterday. They said the water was safe. I stood and watched them drink it. I drank it. I took showers in it. I'm still okay."

King says he is doing what he can to make sure this problem never happens again. "We are just trying to clean it up and I'm sorry for the inconvenience it's caused the people but we're all human."

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