Lake Overcup draw down meeting scheduled

Lake Overcup draw down MORRILTON - Last winter, an area on the Lake Overcup dam began to slough off. Due to the nature of the repairs, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will be conducting a partial draw down of the lake.

To inform the public of the draw down, the AGFC will holding a public meeting on Aug. 12. The meeting will be held at the University of Arkansas Community College in Morrilton's Leadership Development Institute beginning at 7 p.m. The building is located off of U.S. Highway 64 at 115 East Broadway in Morrilton.

Topics of discussion for the meeting include the draw down, maintenance and enhancement projects planned for the lake and to answer any questions or concerns from the public.

The draw down is scheduled to begin Aug. 16 and end Dec. 31 of this year. During that time, the water level will be lowered 5 to 7 feet below normal pool (307 feet MSL). The average depth of the lake is around 10 feet, so there will still be a significant amount of water in the lake during the draw down.

Additional projects such as marking boat trails, removing metal from the lake bed and stumps, while creating brush piles for fish habitat are a few of the jobs planned for the lake. During the drawdown, it will be a good opportunity for adjacent landowners to construct, remove or make repairs to their piers, boathouses and boat slides. For further information, contact Fisheries District 10 Lake Manager, Matt Horton, at 501-470-3309, ext. 212.