Farmers Hit With Cache River Overflow

May 21, 2003
Posted at: 10:12 p.m. CDT

JACKSON COUNTY, Ark. -- Last weekend's heavy rainfall in Region 8 now has the Cache River flowing out of its banks, causing concern for those who farm in the area.

While at first glance, it may look like a new lake has formed in Northeast Arkansas. However, it is actually the flooded rice field of farmer Joe Christian. Christian is one of many farmers who's crops were submerged by last weekend's heavy rain.

"Somewhere around 18 inches (of water) is what I've had on this farm right here," he said.

According to Christian, the flooding is a result of drainage off the Cache River.

"Our biggest problem is in Jackson County."

Currently, Christian has 500 acres of rice under water. He expects to lose his entire wheat crop, 240 acres of soybeans, and 10 acres of his corn crop.

"There is nothing you can do about the rain," he said. "But there's something we can do about our drainage problem."