Pet owners shed high prices

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT)- One Region 8 community took advantage of low cost vaccinations. Not shots for kids heading back to school, but their four legged friends. Saturday morning in Brookland the parking lot was full with people looking to take advantage of low cost shots and pet micro chips. It's expensive to have a pet and the clinic was a chance for pet owners to get a break.

"It is wonderful that people can take advantage of a low cost clinic. There's a lot of dogs and cats that would go without the care that they need," says pet owner Barbara Hillhouse. But that need was met at the Low Cost Pet Vaccination- Micro-chip Clinic Saturday morning with the Brookland City Hall packed with pets. "We had people start lining up at 7:00a.m. this morning. We've already have over a hundred run through and as you can see their still lined up," says Brookland Animal Control Officer Bobby Williams.

All lined up for either heart-worm testing, vaccinations shots, or implanting pet micro-chips. The micro-chips are implanted so if your furry friend gets lost, a wand can be waved over the chip and special code identifies your pet. Something that comes in handy for Williams, "It helps us find out who the dog belongs to or cat and get them back home."

"He looks a lot like some other snoozers we've seen so there won't be any mistaken identity," says Hillhouse got a micro-chip for her puppy Bentley, along with the 5 in 1 shot and rabies vaccination.

"It was only forty-seven dollars it probably would have been about 200 hundred otherwise. I wouldn't hesitate to bring him back," says Hillhouse

"It saves people a little bit of money and in these hard times it helps everybody," says Williams.

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