Troopers Ready for Busy Weekend

May 22, 2003
Posted at: 5:27 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, Ark. -- Arkansas State Troopers got a meal and a pat on the back before the start of a busy Memorial Day weekend, thanks to one Jonesboro restaurant.

The Cracker Barrel, a national restaurant chain with locations along main highways in the state, honored 50 troopers from Northeast Arkansas with a homestyle meal.

"We're going to feed them a complimentary meal," restaurant manager Jim Taylor said.

Trooper Matt Miller is one of the people you may see on the road this weekend during what's usually a crowded trip in and out of Region 8.

"Usually this, the first holiday of the summer, we have a lot of people traveling to north and central Arkansas," Miller said.

As the weekend approaches, many families will fill their cars with supplies, looking forward to a nice Memorial Day celebration. Troopers and other community organizations are hoping everyone will think smart and come home safely.