Tuckerman dog pound problems

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

TUCKERMAN, AR (KAIT)- Residents in one Region 8 town are howling over the care of pets at the city dog pound! In small communities like Tuckerman, with no Animal Control officer or assistance, it can be a challenge to maintain a dog pound, and with these scorching temperatures it's important to keep an eye on man's best friend.

"It's extremely dangerous. Especially with the dogs core temperature a little bit warmer than humans," says Jake Antonovitch, who doesn't feel the animals at the pound are being properly taken care of. "The water they have had has been green with scum and stuff on top of it and waste all over the ground. It's just not anything I would wish on any animal," he says.

"Nobody is mistreating these dogs," say Tuckerman Mayor Everett King. He says they take care of the shelter daily. "You might go down there this afternoon and think it might not be as clean as it should, but it's cleaned in the morning. In the summer, we make sure there's water in there at all times because it's hot, and this kind of heat can really hurt a pet." says King.

He says in a small town it is challenging. "It costs money to take care of these dogs. I don't have somebody down there seven days a week, twenty-four hours around the clock. No I don't and I can't afford it!"

So they try the best they can with what's available. "Wet the concrete down to keep it as cool as we can in there. It's an open pin. Air can get through to them. It's in the shade. It's not right out in the boiling sun." King explains.

In the meantime Antonovitch does what he can to help. "We've come out and given them water now and again. Hopefully we'll get some people that will come down look at the dogs, find out how they live, and do something about it."

King says the Humane Society has visited the dog pound, and has not heard of any complaints.

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