ASU Task Force releases safety recommendations

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - "On any given day, we have 12 thousand people that walk through one building," said Dr. Rick Stripling.

The safety of thousands of people on campus is paramount, according to Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Dr. Rick Stripling.

"We as a university, we make it a priority--we see it being that important," said Dr. Stripling.

A task force charged with examining campus security measures already in place made their recommendations.  Dr. Stripling says 350 thousand dollars will help jump start those efforts to improve safety immediately.

"The area of Collegiate Park., we looked at the area where we would activate the gates and we would install cameras," said Dr. Stripling.

Stripling says a text alert system already in place helps keep staff and students in the know if or when something happens on campus.  Right now, it's an "opt in" feature.

"We're looking at that to be changed to an opt out so the students, faculty and staff here, with their phone numbers will load those in automatically," said Dr. Stripling.

Other recommendations include developing a timeline for upgrading lighting across campus, increase the number of emergency phones on campus, and developing a marketing plan to promote safety resources and practices.

Dr. Stripling says he hopes  increased measures send a strong message that they're listening to concerns and taking action.

"We began to look through and see what we can do to try to address those quickly and as a matter of fact even to the point of more immediate," said Dr. Stripling.

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