Extreme heat is effecting everything

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The extreme heat has caused an excessive heat advisory for numerous counties in the state.

But while many people are running indoors. . .some things are popping up!

Jonesboro resident Tim Veteto says when he was watering his yard he discovered something unusual.

His banana trees are about to sprout bananas!

Something that is obviously not common in our area, "This year, for some reason, it's decided to put on bananas and that's rare. I think maybe it's saying something about our climate because you just don't see bananas growing in this area. And this has never been in a green house and didn't receive any substitutes in this heat. So, what it's done, it's done on it's own."

Veteto says he's been growing these trees for several years and this is the first time this has happened, "I was surprised!  I'm excited!  I can't believe bananas are going to pop out any day now.  It makes me wonder if anyone else has seen something like this in their yard."

Veteto believes he should see something in the next couple of weeks.

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