Organization fights hunger in Region 8

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

TUCKERMAN, AR (KAIT)- "Every Child is Ours" feeds families right here in our own backyard. It's located in a small building in the heart of Tuckerman. A small building, with a big cause.

"We realized there were people in our area who needed food. So we thought a few would come and we've had many, many come," says Jan Paschel President and Founder of "Every Child is Ours." She says they're now serving 250 families in Jackson county, providing senior lunches and delivering to the homebound. During the school year they provide backpacks full of food for kids to have over the weekend.

"I never thought that we would do all of this. It was sort of like the need was there for something and we thought we'd do a little something, but a little something is possible if you get your heart in it," she says.

These volunteers have big hearts, providing rewards that money can't buy. "A little boy stopped me at the grocery store, tugged on my shirt, and said aren't you the food lady? How good does it get? I mean who needs a check when you can have that," Paschel explains.

"Probably 15 to 20 kids in just the three grade at Swifton," says Hannah Dilday, who has seen how much the backpack program means to kids in her class. "Think it really helped them because they would be struggling and it would help feed their family not just them but there whole family," says Dilday.

But now the organization is asking for help from the community, after their air conditioning and power went out because of old wiring. "We would like to ask people in the viewing area to help us we need funding for the wiring, we need to do some maintenance work on our building, and we always need food," says Paschel.

It's a cry Paschel hopes is answered by the community. "There's a song by Vince Gil that says it's what you give away. So that's what I think about life. It's what you give away, not what you save, not what you have, but what you give to others," she says.

The organization is hosting a fundraiser at the Walmart in Newport on Saturday, August 14th from 10a.m. to 7p.m. They're asking for non-perishable food and donations.

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