A local library pulls out video games

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library closed it's books and pulled out remote controls. From ten to noon, parents were invited to bring their children out to "Game Day".

The library owns both a Wii and Play Station 2.

They pulled them out and invited kids to play the games together.

Parents say the kids have a great time, but local librarians say the kids are getting a whole lot more out of it than they realize. . .their learning life skills!

Young Adult Librarian Will Hose, "They get to interact with each other. A lot of them, especially today, have never played these games before so they get to learn new games. They get the accomplishment of being able to learn. even if it's a silly skill, they get to learn it. And some of them even teach each other how to play the games."

Hose says children coming together at such an event is a great opportunity to help develop good social skills and sharing attitudes.

"The parents must think it's a positive thing because the keep bringing them!"

The library has been holding "Game Day" for about a year and a half.

It has proven to be very successful and Hose says no matter how many children show up that day. . .someone's going to get to play, "If only one child shows up then we've got plenty of games for them to choose from to play."

The library owns such games are Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, Rockband, and Super Mario Brothers.

The next "Game Day" is scheduled for Tuesday, August 10th at seven that evening.

This event is targeted toward young adults.

A Wii fitness class is also taking place on Wednesday mornings at seven-thirty and nine in the morning.

For more information about one of these events or any others available at the library, log on to their website.

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