Keeping children safe in the dangerously hot summer sun

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Jonesboro, AR -- "If you drive by Discovery Island Learning Center in Jonesboro, their playgrounds might get your attention.  It's not because of what's there, rather what's not.

"There are so many key things to look for and do many dangers on the playground when this type of weather is here," said Jaclyn Richards.

Assistant Director Jaclyn Richards says temperatures like this are dangerous. So, until it cools off, this playground will remain empty.

"If it's 95 degrees or above, and that's the heat index, the children will stay indoors for that day," said Richards.

Richards say she monitors temperatures, no matter the season, all day every day.  She informs staff members when to let the kids outside.

"Each child before they go outdoors are applied sunscreen and those are things that we just do on a daily basis and when they come inside we make sure they have the right amount of liquids and cool down time," said Richards.

"As hot as it's been lately there's a huge risk of health problems," said grandparent, Michael Barrett.

Barrett says he's glad to know there's a plan in place to keep his grandchild safe when temperatures soar.

"The little guys especially, I mean they don't need to be stressed by any great amount of heat," said Barrett.

Jaclyn Richards says she knows the value of exercise and physical activity.  While the kids may not be outside, she says there's plenty to keep them moving inside.

"We are constantly trying to keep them busy and active in the afternoon, because physical activity is a very important part of the day," said Richards.

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