Ways to save money on back to school items

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - As our kids wave goodbye to the summertime and embrace their back to school destines it tends to usher in stress for moms and dads. Many wondering how they'll afford putting their kids back to school with all new supplies.

If you've been avoiding the back to school isles than stop. Experts say the best way to save money is to start looking for bargains as early as possible.

They suggest going about your business armed with the supply list, keeping an eye out for the best deals. But before ever stepping foot into the store sit down with your kid and go over the list together. Determine the needs from the wants and explain the amount of money you're working with.

"My kids know they have a certain amount of money," says Christ-Way Consignment owner, Holly Merriman.

Also recycle any leftover items from last year. Often times all a notebook needs is some stickers or even photos. This not only teaches your kids organization, but how to work within a budget.

Another great way to show your kids the money saving and earth friendly powers behind recycling is to shop consignment or even thrift stores.

"We can take them to the mall and get 2 or 3 things or we can take them to some of my friends consignment shops and get four or five times as much.," says Merriman.

Attention all you Jonesboro bargain shoppers: Christ-Way Consignment off Phillips and Carawy is having a back to school sale this Friday and Saturday.