APR scores released for Pelphrey, other coaches

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (AP) - The Arkansas basketball team's academic progress rate of 933 in 2008-2009 was among the highest scores of coach John Pelphrey's career.

The NCAA released APR marks for coaches Thursday, which mirror the scores for the programs they've run while they were in charge. Pelphrey fell below the NCAA's benchmark of 925 his last four seasons with South Alabama but surpassed that cutoff 2 of his first three seasons at Arkansas. He received two scores for 2006-07, when he left South Alabama for Arkansas in April.

Arkansas' 4-year rolling average is currently at 886, thanks to a 755 in 2007-08. Teams that fall below 925 can be subjected to immediate penalties, but the Razorbacks avoided a scholarship loss this year, and the school says it's encouraged by the improving score.

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