Target gives Region 8 children the gift of school supplies

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Two organizations have joined forces to help provide Region 8 kids get back to school items.

Thanks to the help of Target and the Salvation Army, twenty kids were able to go shopping for school supplies, like notebooks and pencils, that they might not have been able to get without help.

Target is providing children with an $80 gift card to buy school supplies. Executive Team Leader of Guest Services Stephanie Harris is happy about the donations. "You know, Target supports the Salvation Army, and donated 2.2 million last year in donations to support their missions and programs.  So, we're very excited to have these kids in here, and we got some of our people to volunteer from the store…their excited to work with the kids, and I think everybody had a good time."

12-year-old Tristian McCullough and 13-year-old Caitlyn Johnson were both given a card.

Tristian says, "I think it's pretty nice what they're doing.  [They're] going out into the community and giving out cards to people."

Caitlyn says, "I think it's really helpful because most kids don't have school supplies. I mean, like I didn't have no school supplies yet, and then, when I came here and they told us that we get to get school supplies. I was just jumping up and down going, 'Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, my gosh! I'm going to cry!"

6-year-old Triniti Pugh also received a card and said, "I got me some new clothes, too. And, a new back pack with a princess and a frog on it and some princesses!"

Target has given out 12,000 gift cards nationwide.

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