One ASU sexual assault investigation dropped, 2 others still open

ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY, AR (KAIT) – An alleged sexual assault that happened on ASU campus July 26 is no longer under investigation by the prosecutor's office, and no charges will be filed.

Until recently, campus investigators had been looking for a suspect in the alleged sexual assault that happened at the North Park Quads. The man they were looking for was described as a white man weighing 215 pounds and standing 6 foot tall.

In similar incidents, two other alleged sexual assaults are still open.

The alleged sexual assault that took place at an on-campus frat party Feb 27 is listed as "still under review" by the prosecutor's office. Deputy Scott Ellington says the case is considered open and ongoing with tips and leads still trickling in.

The July 1 attempted sexual assault that happened on ASU's campus at 103 Academic Circle during an apparent armed robbery is still under investigation by University Police.

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