Region 8 man stabbed nine times, suspects still loose

By Josh Harvison - bio | email

MARKED TREE, AR (KAIT) – Marked Tree Police Tuesday said they are getting closer to making an arrest in the stabbing of two men Sunday night.

Detective Jeremy Bond, who began investigating the crime late Monday night due to personal reasons, said two men were stabbed multiple times at a house near the police substation on Hines Circle. Bond said 28-year-old Kevin Jones of Marked Tree and 19-year-old Kimias Coleman of Birdsong were stabbed repeatedly during an altercation.

"Two male gentlemen got into a fight Sunday night and it kind of escalated when some of their friends jumped in so some more friends jumped in and it kind of turned into a free for all that ended with two people being stabbed," said Bond.

According to Bond, Jones was airlifted to The Med in Memphis with life-threatening injuries. Coleman was transported to St. Bernard's for multiple stab wounds, where he was treated and released.

"The best I can gather, it was a couple of guys that were mouthing, evidently one party had, from what I gather, one party had been agitating the other party for a while and they kind of got fed up with it," said Bond. "They decided they were going to settle their score and get over it and then everybody else jumped in and it got way out of hand."

According to Janice Jones, her son Kevin was stabbed nine times. He was stabbed three times in the abdomen and back, twice in the chest and one time in the side. Janice said her son was placed in critical condition but has since been upgraded to stable condition.

"Kevin and them was called in to help Kimias Coleman, you know, the boys were double teaming him over there on industrial street," said Janice. "They went to help and when they got there, all the boys were on top of Kimias, they went to throwing the boys off and stuff. In the process, Kevin got stabbed nine times."

Region 8 News obtained a video from a Facebook account that shows several people involved in a fight. Police said that fight was not connected to Sunday's stabbing, but some of the individuals may be involved in both altercations.

"That group of guys that's on that video was Jonesboro boys, the boys that did the stabbing are the Jonesboro boys with them, they brought them boys down here to jump on marked tree boys," said Janice.

Bond said police have two persons of interest they want to question for Sunday night's altercation. No charges have yet been filed.

"As far as I can understand right now, everybody could be charged with something that was out there because it was just a big free for all but the main concern right now is taking care of the stabbing and getting that person in custody," said Bond. "There's been some tension between all of these families for several months now and I've heard December and I've heard back since spring, and I think everybody is blaming everybody, saying if they stop then they'll stop."

Janice said her son was not present when the fight started, but jumped in to help Kimias.

"It was going on and he got out and got involved, he wasn't even there when it initially started from what I gather, and that's the problem is that if everybody would have been at home doing what they should have been doing, it wouldn't have happened anyway," said Bond.

Family members and friends of the victims raised lots of questions about the police department's investigation Tuesday outside city hall. While officers were conducting their investigation into the stabbing, heated words were exchanged between several families.

"We had some people that were locked up, arrested and taken into custody just for investigative purposes, I've interviewed them today, some have been released," said Bond.

The individuals who were not released were found to have warrants for crimes charged by other police agencies. No one was charged Tuesday for crimes during the stabbing.

"One of the individuals who was originally thought to be a suspect was a minor that's turned out not to be the case and he's been released," said Bond. "It's going to get to the point to where we're not dealing with somebody being stabbed; we're dealing with somebody getting killed."

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