Man returns to alleged crime scene, gets arrested for DWI

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) – Wal-Mart shopping carts went flying on Friday in Batesville as a driver plowed through the parking lot. The driver left behind a damaged vehicle and parts of his own car only to return to the scene of the crime later.

Michael Don Prince, 46, of Batesville allegedly struck a line of carts sitting on the sidewalk as he drove through the parking lot of the Batesville Wal-Mart. The carts damaged the wall of the building and then shot across the parking lot to strike a pickup truck's rear passenger door.

While Officer Joseph Beaudin was taking photos of the scene, the suspect car came back to the scene and parked next to the vehicle it damaged.

Although two witnesses were able to identify the vehicle, the driver denied appearing at Wal-Mart earlier that night. Beaudin noticed the smell of alcohol on Prince's breath. When asked if he'd been drinking, Prince told the office that he had drank a few earlier

While conducting a search, Beaduin also found marijuana on Prince's person.

Prince was taken to the County Jail and charged with Driving While Intoxicated with accident.

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