Army Worms attacking Region 8 yards

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Region Eight is being invaded by an unusual "army." Army Worms that is, and lawn services are battling them in your yards.

What's going on in Scott Throgmartins' yard is an invasion of Army Worms but he thought the large Brown spots were something else.

"I thought I was cutting my grass too short, not watering enough. Had no idea what was going on."

Just like the worm problems they are having on the farms. The worm problems in the yard are coming from the same sources. These massive flights coming from the South and they are spreading out from the fields into your grass.

A good indication of worm invasion are spots that look dry. They may even be clear of grass.

Billy Ellerbrook works for Superior Lawn Services, they have been fighting these worms for almost a solid week. He held up a clump of dead brown grass with a worm or two hanging on and munching away.

"The worm is actually eating the grass blade and actually making the grass blade turn brown which makes it look dry."

You can see this worm actually stripping the green from the blade of grass he is hanging on to. Ellerbrook says they are looking for moisture.

And they can be voracious as they grow.

John Glover another Superior lawn specialist showed me a large brown area that was stretching out from a tree line.

"As the worms mature and they get larger, the last 2 - 3 days of their cycle as a worm they'll do the most damage and eventually they will go right across the yard."

In Andrea Dunn's yard we were scooping up worms by the handfuls. Dunn had no idea she had a worm problem. She also thought the yard was just getting dry.

So when is the best time to look for the worms and where?

Ellerbrook, "They'll start feeding in the morning. They prefer shaded areas, areas around trees. Your Bermuda yards. When they get bad you'll see them on your driveways, sidewalks, just crawling along."

Superior uses an application of Sevin pesticide applied through a hose sprayer or a rolling applicator for large applications.

The worm is not hard to kill but catching them early is very important before they spread throughout your entire yard. And just like on farms one application of pesticide doesn't always do the trick.

Ellerbrook, "The life cycle is 18 - 28 days so as long as it continues to stay this dry weather you need to keep an eye on your yard and watch for the worms."

If you suspect Army Worms you need to consult a lawn care specialist as soon as possible or treat for them yourself.

I have attached a link to Superiors web site so you can find out more.

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