Farmers fill RiceTec for field day

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - If you were looking for a farmer on Thursday you needed to be at RiceTec in Poinsett County.

Three to four hundred farmers attended RiceTec's "Field Day".

Farmers were given a lot of valuable information on the latest agricultural technological advances.

Betsy Ward, President of the USA Rice Federation, says there was a lot to see and learn.

"When we were on the tour they were talking about how some of the hybrid rice's takes less time to mill and would, therefore, use less energy in the mill which is something I think we're all very conscious of in the whole agricultural sustainability movement is to use less energy. And so, I think that's impressive."

Ward says she was most impressed with the advantages she saw in the hybrid rice.

"Some of the great developments they've done with hybrid rice and working very hard on new varieties for the industry to get more rice for less input cost, which is always an important thing for the industry and this year is going to be a record crop of rice in Arkansas and so, my job in Washington is to make sure we have markets for all that rice."

Chad Duckworth with RiceTec says this is the fourth year for this event and there's a reason it gets bigger every year!

"The reason a lot of farmers come to see us, here, at field day is out in their commercial fields they've already seen the value of RiceTec Hybrid Rice. But they want to come and look for new products that we'll be releasing in a few years to know what to expect. To know how to plan for the coming year for the products they'll need to be growing to make them the most economic benefit."

Duckworth says farmers also get great ideas on how to deal with problems their experiencing in their own fields.

"They also like to see different management practices. How to increase yields and maybe manage problem areas in their fields."

For more information you can call RiceTec toll free at 1-877-580-7423 or you can log on to their website.

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