Textbook rentals help students on a budget

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO (KAIT)- College is not cheap, but the ASU Bookstore is now giving students a break offering a new program slashing prices nearly fifty percent! ASU is the only university around Region 8 providing a Textbook Rental Program, and when you're a college student living on a budget, anything that can help cut corners is a plus.

"Went to the bookstore with my schedule to find out how much my books would cost, and each book used was over a hundred and twenty dollars," says David Owens, a student at ASU. He says it's hard to fit the bill for books. "It just seems like so many obstacles are added each year you know more tuition, more expensive books."

But this year the ASU Campus Bookstore is doing what it can to cut costs for students. It is launching a Textbook Rental Program saving students 50 percent or more on books. "New it's $103.75, the same book used is $98.25 and then to rent it it's $58.84 cents," says store Manager Jeanie Pechilis.

Students just need to be 18 or older, with an ID and credit card in their name. Nearly half the books are available to rent, giving students other option and a chance to save big.

"The company that owns our bookstore did a test last fall at seven university bookstores they own and they saved in one term the students over 2 million years," says Pechilis and students can rent textbooks for the entire term.

"They'll also have the freedom to highlight and take notes in these books, which I think is great. They can choose to purchase the book at the end of term if they wish to keep it," Pechilis explains.

"I think it's a great idea for those who can't afford books, that have been going and borrowing their friends and using copier machines for four and five years," says Owens.

He says the program is taking ASU to the next level. "ASU can do a lot of things to better the university, better the students, and kind of step up with the times."

There will be a late fee if the books are returned late. Students can register to rent books in the campus bookstore or online at http://www.rent-a-text.com/

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