Region 8 seniors pay tribute to Elvis

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Elvis Presley made a special appearance at the Senior Bees Center in Paragould. Center employees decided to honor the king by hiring an impersonator to entertain Senior Bee members.

Executive Director of the Senior Bees Center, Carol Fleszar, says when they first began discussing this month's special event, they thought hiring an impersonator would be fun!

"Today is the anniversary of Elvis' death, so we decided to do something our Senior Bees might enjoy. I had seen this Elvis impersonator before, here in Paragould, at the Collins Theatre. So, we called him and he and his son were willing to come.  We've got a lot of Elvis memorabilia that we found at different places and we're having Elvis hand it out to some of our Senior Bees, here."

Fleszar says the turnout for the event was outstanding, "The response has been enormous! We've got so many people here today. They've brought their grandchildren, they've brought some of their children.  We're just so excited. We've got more than one hundred and twenty people here today. Ninety-six are going to stay and have barbecue chicken with us after the show. So, it's just a wonderful way to let our community get in here, in the center, and see what all the bees have to offer."

But special events aren't the only things being offered to Senior Bee members.

"There's something going on at the center everyday. We play bingo, we have bean bag baseball, we serve lunch Monday through Friday, we have exercise, walking, they play pool, card games. We have something going on everyday."

Fleszar says these events are more than just a good time.  They're a chance to let the public know what all is taking place at the center and waiting on them!

"We like to have one special event each month to bring some excitement to the center. And as you can see, we have done that today. And to make more people in the community, make them want to come and see what we have to offer and it's exciting for our seniors not to have just the same old thing going every day."

For more information, Fleszar says you can call the center at 239-4093 or just stop by.

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