Region 8 police need your help in nabbing suspect

By Josh Harvison - bio | email

WEINER, AR (KAIT) – The Weiner Police Department is requesting public assistance in nabbing a criminal who tried to steal narcotics from the Weiner Pharmacy.

According to Weiner Police Chief Rolland Geror, a white man wearing a white t-shirt and a cap was caught on surveillance camera Sunday morning as he tried to steal drugs.

"Sunday morning somebody came along and cut the power to the pharmacy, also broke out the front window and entered the pharmacy," said Geror. "They left a few evidence things behind them. We've got some blood and some good pictures and we're going to follow through. We're still investigating."

According to the owners of the pharmacy, this wasn't the first break in. They purchased a $5,000 alarm system and surveillance cameras to catch criminals.

"The pharmacy has been broken into several times. I know that he is kind of wondering what is going on, with everybody trying to get into the pharmacy, but they're trying to get narcotics. That's the problem," said Geror.

The drugs were locked away in a safe, which a sign on the front door suggested. The owners said the criminals could have just read the sign and realized they weren't going to find the drugs they wanted.

At one point in surveillance video, the suspect nearly looks into the camera.

"I feel we're going to catch this individual too. The thing is the time, there farmers are out watering and they're out and about and he doesn't realize it," said Geror.

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