Jonesboro Police Department helps with Back-To-School traffic

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - With the beginning of each school year, drivers can expect the number of vehicles on the city streets to swell, especially around school zones. Because of this, drivers should expect to see the addition of several police officers working in and around many of the city's schools to help keep students and parents safer.

During the critical first few weeks, some officers who are normally assigned to the Warrant Division, D.A.R.E., Traffic Division, Special Services, Motor Division, and Administration will be putting their traffic safety vests on to lend a helping hand. In all, about a dozen officers will be added to assist others already working.

Though much of their time will be spent directing or otherwise improving traffic flow in congested areas, officers will be on the lookout for violators such as those who drive the wrong way on one-way streets, disregard stop signs and traffic signals, drive too fast, fail to buckle up, fail to properly restrain their children, or drive in any way which may be a danger themselves or others.

Parents who drive their children to school not only have to deal with the additional traffic congestion; they must also learn the drop-off and pick-up traffic patterns around their respective schools. We strongly encourage parents to visit their school before classes begin for information on traffic flow, including maps sometimes created by school officials, which will help them get their children safely to and from campus. Drivers who have no need to enter school zones are encouraged to plan routes which avoid them. They should also consider budgeting extra time to get to and from work if they have to travel during times children arrive or leave schools.

The Jonesboro Police Department wants everyone to be especially aware of children who may be crossing the streets, loading or unloading from vehicles, playing around streets and parking lots, or riding bicycles to and from school. The safety of children is a top priority and officers will be looking for violations which put them in peril. We are asking everyone to put safety first and wish everyone a great school year.

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