COPY-Lottery scholarships helping tens of thousands of students

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Jonesboro, AR -- Almost 27 thousand lottery scholarships have been awarded to Arkansas college students totaling more than 100 million dollars.

"That five thousand dollars is pretty much just about going to get close to the tuition mark," said ASU Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Dr. Rick Stripling.

For many, that scholarship money is essential  in helping students reach their academic goals.

"Once they've kind of picked that academic major that they want and their choice of institution, then their finances will be the second piece of that. How do you pay? How do you put that together," said Dr. Stripling.

Dr. Stripling says while the numbers fluctuate, they plan to welcome, on average,  between 15 and 16 hundred freshman this fall.  He says about two thirds are lottery scholarship recipients.

"To understand those numbers, it will take some research on our end," said Dr. Stripling.

Stripling says while the numbers are positive, they'll know more about the effects of the lottery scholarships after they survey students in the coming weeks.

"In your decisions, in your factors of deciding where you want to go to school at, and Arkansas state at this point being your choice, how much did it really weigh.   That will be the key," said Dr. Stripling.

Dr. Stripling does say the lottery scholarships are  probably one of the greatest impacts they can have as far as attendance at either a 2 or 4 year colleges in the state.

"It's going to have a great impact on their finances and that's what really a lot of times it comes down to is the finances," said Dr. Stripling.

For those who qualify, five-thousand dollar scholarships are awarded to students going to four-year schools, and 25-hundred dollar scholarships to students attending two-year schools.

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