Funeral protesting in MO still legal, this may change

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KAIT) – The war over Missouri's Funeral Protest Law is far from over.

A judge ruled Monday that the law restricting demonstrations by groups like the Westboro Baptist Church and leader Fred Phelps is a violation of free speech, but Attorney General Chris Koster says he'll appeal the decision to block the measure.

The Westboro Baptist Church frequently protests at military funerals because of their belief that God is punishing a society that tolerates homosexuality through troop death, war, disease and natural disasters.

Koster also says, "I think the vast majority of Americans believe the families of fallen heroes deserve to bury their dead with a measure of privacy and dignity that Reverend Phelps is not allowing them to have."

Governor Jay Nixon agrees with Koster and plans to keep an eye on what happens with the appeals process.

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