Landfill Fund $10M Lighter

May 31, 2003
Posted at: 3:46 p.m. CDT

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. -- A move by the state to take money from a landfill cleanup fund has left Crittenden County's top official wondering about fairness.

Crittenden County Judge Melton Holt says the Legislature has taken $10 million from a fund that would be used in the event of a major cleanup at a landfill in the state. Holt says he was told the money will go to state projects.

Holt says landfills across the state contribute to the fund, which has a cap of $25 million. Now, Holt says it appears that landfills will have to pay into the fund indefinitely.

He says the fund was nearing its cap, and he was looking forward to not having to may nearly $250,000 in annual payments.

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