Back to School could mean big bucks for some local businesses

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - At Munchy's restaurant in Jonesboro, owner Tom Fielder is getting ready for busy weeks ahead.

"Well obviously it's kind of a shot in the arm.   It's an exciting time of year," said Fielder.

With ASU move in day Saturday and thousands of students returning to class, Fielder expects that shot in the arm to begin at his restaurant this weekend.

"It will be a steady day, it will be a lot of activity starting early and moving right on through into the evening," said Fielder.

"Whew, tired, busy,busy, busy.   I mean you just don't stop.   You just go, go, go," said Karah Jokerst.

At Wolf Book store across from campus, Jokerst says they're  in the middle of what they call rush week.

"The Wednesday before classes to the Wednesday after classes, that seven day period we do the most business right then," said Jokerst.

Jokerst says they spend weeks preparing, even hiring as many as 20 additional staff members because she says she knows business will boom.  In fact, she estimates the store will make almost half of the total sales for the year in that one week.

"We expect it to get really busy this weekend while students are moving in, as well as next week," said Jokerst.

Munchy's owner Tom Fielder says ASU and the number of students it attracts is a big plus for the entire town. He says no doubt it helps countless businesses, including his.

"There will be that buzz, and that excitement and it will start early," said Fielder.

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