Breast feeding awareness week underway

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Two organizations have partnered to make mothers aware of the advantages of breast feeding.

St. Bernard's and WIC held a drop in meeting for mothers at the Craighead County Health Department in Jonesboro.

From noon to two, mothers were invited to come by at their convenience and speak one on one with the experts.

St. Bernard's RN and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Sherry Rickard, says mothers need to be aware of the advantages breast feeding has to offer.

"It lowers the risk of osteoporoses, pre-natal breast cancer, also helps to get their figure back a little sooner because it helps to contract that uterus and gets it back down into the pelvic cavity a little faster than if she was just formula feeding."

Rickard says that health advantages aren't the only pull for breast feeding.

"ThIt's been estimated that 13 billion dollars in health care costs could be saved in the United States alone if ninety percent of the mothers would breast feed just for six months."

Alisia Minor is the mother of three. She attended today's event to speak with other mothers about her own experiences with her children.

"I feel breast feeding is a really good thing for all mothers because not only does it promote the growth of the child, but it helps the brain. And I just feel it's the best thing a mother can do."

Alisia says when she was first called to participate in the event, she thought it was a positive move.

"Women getting together and talking about their experiences and sharing information is great."

Rickard says three hundred invitations were sent to the drop-in event.

For more information you can log onto their website.

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