Domestic violence affects you

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-A state organization is battling the fight against domestic violence.

Members of the Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence met with community members at the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Member Bobbi McDaniel says people are unaware of how large a problem domestic violence is in Region 8 and our state.

"Arkansas, within the last five years, has ranked within the top ten per capita of domestic violence deaths in the united states. And there are several years for African American women who have been number one. And when you have those statistics within your state, you of course want to try and prevent that."

McDaniel says one of the biggest problems is people are unaware of what to look for.

"People don't recognize the signs, but you also have the victims that have enormous amounts of guilt. And it's not just the guilt that goes along with it, but it's not something they want to talk about. It's not something they're proud of. And they have also been shamed into the thought that the abuser has done no wrong."

This is where the Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence comes in.

They strive to help those who are victims of domestic violence and to make community leaders and businesses aware of the problem, what to look for and how they can help.

"Part of what we do is to go into businesses and do training for the employees and training for the business itself on how to deal with domestic violence and the safety in the workplace."

McDaniel says businesses lose about one hundred million dollars annually in lost wages, sick leave, absenteeism or non-productivity as a result of domestic violence.

In addition, seventy-four percent of abused women who work outside the home are harassed by their abusers at work by phone or in person.

The Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence has been serving both rural and urban areas in Arkansas since 1981.

For more information about the Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence or the services they offer, log onto their website.

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