Suddenlink opens new facility in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A local communications organization is celebrating change, as Suddenlink held a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house Monday to mark the official completion of renovations at their customer service headquarters off of Caraway Road.

Community Relations Representative Maryce Cunningham says this new lay out is going to be an advantage to both Suddenlink employees and customers, "We'll be up close and personal with our customer service representatives.  No counter, nothing to separate them.  They just come right in, sit down at a desk and talk about what they want and how we can help them provide the service that they need."

Suddenlink also presented a number of new services and equipment available to customers.  Some "hands on" equipment will be available to customers to try out and see if it's something they want.

The headquarters in Jonesboro is the first one in the company to be done in this fashion.  CEO of Suddenlink Communications, Jerry Kent,"We've been spending three hundred and fifty million dollars on something called, 'Project Imagine' to really bring the state of our technology to all our systems across the country.  And this is our new office.  We wanted to make the image of the office project what we're doing.  Being innovative and creative and invest in our infrastructure.  And this is the first one of it's kind in the country and we're gonna roll it out throughout the United States."

This still wasn't all Suddenlink had to share with the community!  They have just received a mobile trailer as a part of the E-Cycling program they first began in 2009.

Cunningham says this will make recycling even more convenient, "This trailer that will make it very easy for people to drop off their e-cyclable materials.  Since the program started last July, we have collected over forty thousand pounds of recyclable materials.  And it will be very easy for them now to drop it off at the trailer, here.  Or the trailer will be going out to community events and people will be able to bring their recyclable televisions, modems, computers, and drop them off and we are there in the community."

The trailer will also travel to community events throughout the area to making dropping off recyclable items even easier.

Cunningham says when they first started the project more than a year ago, they had no idea the huge response that would take place.  "We knew it was an important project, but we really didn't realize it was going to be so well accepted by the community and that everyone would just jump right on board.  In fact, it's been so successful they have launched a similar program in our Russellville facility and they have collected over thirty thousand pounds of equipment.  So, it's done very well and we understand it's the only corporate project in the state. So, we're very pleased and very proud of the initiative."

Kent agrees with Cunningham.  He says this was their "test" area.  It was the response from the Jonesboro community that caused them to expand the project, "It's grown tremendously.  We're very proud of it.  We have a new trailer and, in Jonesboro, we've recycled over forty thousand pounds and in Russellville, thirty thousand pounds. And we understand it's the largest recycling program of it's kind in the state.  And we think it's a good thing to do as a corporate citizen.  We want to be a good corporate citizen for the community."

Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin says the E-Cycling program is a wonderful project for the Jonesboro community and proof of Suddenlink's commitment to the community, "They get involved in the community.  That's what I like.  They're not only here, but they're involved in our community and now they chose us to be the site to unveil all of this."

For more information about the E-Cycling program or any other services offered by Suddenlink, log onto their website.

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