Neighbors; Region 8 home an eyesore, want it fixed

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - You've heard the saying "It's not what's on the outside, but the inside that counts." Well, one Region 8 neighborhood is concerned about some unwanted visitors that have made their way inside a seemingly abandoned house.

Residents in the Fox Meadow neighborhood say no one has lived in the home for several years, making it a perfect breeding ground for unwanted creatures. Neighbors say something needs to be done!

"Ain't no telling what's in that house," says Gerry Boyd. He has been living next door to the home off Stonebrook Drive for two years. He says he's never seen anybody go inside, which is apparent with the 2010 census is still on the door. "The house just looks good on the outside. Looked in the window the ceilings fallen down in it and I see a couple of holes in the roof," says Boyd.

Those holes are providing an entrance for unwanted visitors. "I can see hole where they're getting in. Based on our experience with them, I'm sure there are raccoons in that house," says Larye Flynn. She lives a street over and has patched up her roof several times because of raccoons. "I had a raccoon try to tear it apart trying to get in the attic. We have a horrible problem with raccoons and possums here," she explains.

She says they've been trying for years to get the city to take action. "It's not considered abandoned because of yard maintenance and electricity."

"We've had numerous complaints over the years," says Terry Adams, who is the Chief Building Official with Jonesboro Code Enforcement. "We can't cite them to court because there is no code violation. The lot is maintained and in good shape. She's got a few broken windows, couple holes in the roof line," explains Adams.

Adams says the house is not condemnable because it's structurally sound. He explains the only way animals become a health issue is if people are actually living in the house, or if they get down into the main part of the house. "It could become an issue for health and safety for the neighborhood, but without access to the house we can't forcefully go into any structure in the city," says Adams.

Region 8 News tried to reach the home owner, but had no response, but Code Enforcement says the owner has been notified of the complaints. "She said she's going to get the issues taken care of and she's putting the house on the market to sell," Adams responds.

"She's not going to have any luck selling that house. She'd have to gut the inside of the house and rebuild," says Flynn.

One neighbor said they've seen nearly six raccoons go in the house, and many just hope this animal house will soon be animal free.

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