Preventing bites, attacks by stray animals

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -  A woman whose pit bull apparently attacked and killed another dog went before a judge Wednesday afternoon..

Lindsay Bakker pleaded not guilty to charges of having a "dog at large" and harboring a vicious animal.  While Bakker, did not want to go on camera, she did release this statement quote: I apologize to the family for their loss.  I wish this had never happened. I plan to take care of this situation the best way I can.

Whenever an animal, like a dog, gets loose or is spotted running in a neighborhood, animal control officials say you need to call them...immediately!  Doing so can prevent attacks like Tuesday's  from happening to a pet or person.

"I just look to see if it's a dog that I recognize from the neighborhood or if it's a dog that I  need to just stop what I'm doing and go the other way," said Vicki Kreis.

Vicki Kreis says she doesn't see many stray animals in the west Jonesboro neighborhood where she watches her granddaughter.

There are a lot of children, so dangers like stray animals are something she watches out for.

"Is it wearing a collar or not," said Kreis.

"We do pick up a lot of dogs here in Jonesboro, a lot of them," said Sergeant Larry Rogers.

In fact Sergeant Larry Rogers at Jonesboro Animal Control says they've picked up 942 through the end of July.  Rogers says never approach or try to pet a stray dog.

"Any dog has the potential to bite, it has teeth, it has the potential to bite," said Rogers.

Rogers says you don't know the temperament of stray dogs or dogs you're not necessarily familiar with, that's why Rogers says it's imperative to call animal control when you spot a loose dog.

"If that dog was sick, if it was ill, if it bit that person, then that person could potentially get the virus that the dog had," said Rogers.

In Tuesday's pit bull attack that left a Chihuahua dead, neighbors said they had seen the pit bull loose in the neighborhood before.  They tell Region 8 news they had not  seen him be aggressive.  Regardless, Rogers says the best and safest thing to do is call animal control.

"It's also a safety factor for the animal, a safety factor for the other citizens," said Rogers.

For Vicki Kreis, while she doesn't see a lot of strays, she wants to be safe if she ever does.

"It does get my attention," said Kreis.

Rogers says you don't want to run from a stray dog--that dog may see it as a game and chase you.  He also says don't challenge the dog, but don't cower to it either.  Instead, say in a strong voice "no", and call animal control as soon as possible.

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