Free Prostate Cancer Screenings

Trumann, AR (KAIT)- Prostate Cancer is one of the most common cancers in American men.  Doctors say early detection is the key in fighting the deadly disease.  Thursday in Trumann, the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Judd Hill Foundation offered free Prostate Screenings.

If there is a history of Prostate Cancer in your family, doctors say you need to get tested at age 35. If not, you should be tested by 40. Then have annual check-ups. Lauren Talbot, Director of Programs for the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation says they are "just trying to encourage men to know more about their prostates, to know more about their prostate health, and just stay on top of their PSA scores and stay on top of it one year to the next".

Survivors, since diagnosis, also got a chance to get together and talk about what they're going through in a new program offered by the Arkansas PCF called "Peer Network". The group meets the first Thursday of each month at 303 E. Matthews at 6 p.m.

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