Career exploration at student's fingertips

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - "I think it's important to tie what they're doing everyday in school to what they will be doing in the future," said Greene County Tech Counselor, Vicki Cordell.

A new career exploration program is giving GCT students an opportunity to see what's out there.

The program is called Kuder Galaxy.

"How they're going to use the math and the science and the language that they learn in their careers," said Cordell.

GCT elementary has been chosen to try out an online career exploration program.  Counselor Vicki Cordell says while there's information about career exploration out there, she's hoping this program will keep an elementary aged child engaged.

"Watch a video on it,  do online field trips, visits to museums, and then take those things and possibly talk to other people in the community," said Cordell.

"If you can ever create something that's got some kind of technology hook to it for kids, kids these days love technology," said GCT elementary principal, Karen Mallard.

Mallard says this new program's technology will not only provide valuable information about careers, but also increase academic and computer skills, laying a solid foundation at a young age to build on.

"We're going to graduate people who are maybe more ready to become productive members of society in what ever path they choose to take," said Mallard.

Mallard says career education is an important part of counseling. She and Cordell are hopeful this program offers lessons youngsters can carry with them from the classroom to the workforce.

"There's just an unlimited about of choices for our students and the sooner they're aware of that the better," said Cordell.

Cordell says they will start using the online program on September 14th through December.  At that time, she will report back to the state her thoughts on the program.  This program is funded by the Arkansas Department of Career Education.

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