Friday night robbery puts surrounding businesses on high alert

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - According to police reports, the Sonic Drive-in at 4405 East Johnson was robbed at gunpoint Friday night.

Business was back to normal Saturday, but the situation has left more than just police on lookout. The robbery has surrounding businesses on high alert.

The Kum & Go just off HW 49 has a constant flow of customers. "Being a 24 hour store, customers are always coming in and out. We stay steady throughout the whole night," says Manager Lindsay Bivins. So when she heard about the robbery, she was concerned. "Shocking that it happened just down the road because that could have been any of these businesses. It's scary, but realistic at the same time."

The police report shows two mask men enter the sonic, held up employees at gun point and ordered the manager to open the safe. The victims were then forced into the walk-in freezer, and told to lay on the floor. That's when the criminals took off the with cash.

Communications Director Christi Woodworth with the Sonic corporation stated:

"No customers were at the location at the time of the robbery, but the employees are fine. There are no suspects at this time."

And no suspects, means the criminals are still out there. "You just want to be careful basically. Watch people that come in, if you're by yourself at the register.  Make sure you know where your other employees are at all times," says Bivins.

With gas stations often being prime targets for criminals, Bivins is just glad to know they're prepared. "Procedures where we try to keep two people on duty at all times, special buttons we can push incase something was to happen," she says, as well as job training on how to react in a robbery situation. "You don't fight them. You do what they ask. You know our life is more important than the job, that is how they put it."

Police were unable to locate any type of evidence around the surrounding area, but surveillance video was obtained. If you have any information on this crime, call Crime Stoppers immediately at (870) 935-7867.

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