Region 8 businesses benefit from Saturday college football

By Josh Harvison - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Local businesses across the Region 8 viewing area took advantage of nice weather to kick off the beginning of the college football season.

Several restaurants and bars purchased rights to show the Arkansas Razorbacks and Arkansas State Red Wolves. According to Cleon Johnson, potential customers called throughout Saturday to find out about the games.

"People want to know if we're going to have the razorback game because it's pay per view, and they want to come up here and watch it and they know we'll probably have it up here on the projection screen," said Johnson, who is an employee at the Brickhouse Grill.

"People come up here and get a cold drink and kick back and relax. The environment is good. Kid friendly, they can bring their kids," said Johnson.

Many customers told Region 8 News they were excited about the first college football Saturday, despite the fact Arkansas State played at Auburn.

"I don't live in Jonesboro, but I graduated from Arkansas State so I come over, hang out with my buddies and watch the games. I come to all the home games and I've actually traveled to a lot of them," said Jerry Rapert.

Rapert and Frank Wood have been friends since high school. They said college football is one way they keep in touch.

"I'm out here. My buddy is in town and we're watching the football games," said Wood. "I just love football. I never played it but it's just all my buddies love it. It's kind of a comradely thing when we went to school."

Johnson said every screen was turned to a college football game Saturday night, a theme many business across Region 8 also did. "There are a lot of football fans around this area, so they love it. They love it," said Johnson. "Business, it's always good for business. I mean we'll get people that come in here to watch the football game. Whether they're planning on eating or not, when you see someone else eating. When you see it, you want it."

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