Dog attack sends Region 8 girl to the emergency room

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

REYNO, AR (KAIT) - A stray dog attacks an innocent little girl. The attack took place Friday afternoon in Randolph County. It's a situation no parent wants to experience.

"It was the most terrifying scream you could hear from your kid. My heart just stopped," says Stephanie King. She is still shaking.  She says her daughter Catalina was attacked by a dog while playing on her swing set. "She just started screaming, and we came running over there and the dog was on top of her, and at that time he had her face in it's mouth."

It is a sight that King can't get out of her mind. "Her whole eye is was just covered with blood," says King. Catalina, who is not even two-years-old, was rushed to the emergency room. "She had two big bites on her arm. She got bit on her chest, her forehead, and her eye. When we came home her eye was swollen shut. The doctors said if it would have been any worst it would have taken her eye," King said and the dog is still on the loose.

"It doesn't have a collar, and it looks like it's mixed, and it looks like it's got pit bull in it. We found the dog, and every time we wait on the dog pound to get here the dog runs off," she says, and in a small town like Reyno, the closest animal control is miles away.

"There's not a dog pound in Reyno, people say this is a place where people come and just drop off animals," King explains.

Catalina is recovering, but King just hopes the dog is taken off the streets. "All we can really do is look for the dog, and you know there's a lot of little kids down here. I just want to help prevent this from happening to someone else's little girl."

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