Rector celebrates Labor Day with the annual parade and picnic

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RECTOR, AR (KAIT) - It wouldn't be Labor Day without the annual Rector Labor Day Parade and Picnic.

A huge crowd turned out to watch everything from classic cars to politicians throwing candy to stump speeches from those same candidates who need your votes.

The annual event is considered to be a homecoming... When former residents come home to visit with old friends and family.

Who doesn't love a parade? and no doubt the Rector Labor Day Parade is one of the best in Region 8. It attracts a huge crowd to this small town lining up for the best viewing spots way ahead of step off time.

But the annual event is more than just classic cars and stump speeches.

"The tradition is that all the clan gather here to watch this parade every year."

Lynda Dickinson's family always sits at the same spot to watch the festivities.

"It's a home coming. And seeing people you haven't seen in several years and being with your family. You know it's family time."

And there were a lot of families at the parade as kids scrambled to grab every piece of candy that was being thrown at them.

A really cool thing about a small town parade is the array of what you will see. From queens and princesses to floats of all kinds to classic cars, motorcycles, horses and this guy, girl, thing.

This year being an election year candidates and their representatives were in full force heading down to the picnic grounds and the grandstand.

Dickinson says having the candidates in the parade is a good thing.

"I think it kind of adds to the parade. Because everybody kinda has who they think is gonna be the best person so I think it kind of added to it."

One of the big parts of the Labor Day festivities are the political speeches. 16 candidates faced the crowd and told them they all needed their votes.

Clay County is represented by State Representative Mike Patterson. Running unopposed this year Patterson says this may be the single opportunity for voters in this part of the state to see some candidates face to face.

"Politicians that normally don't even know where North East Arkansas is at. But they find it because they hear about all the different people that are going to be here. So they're hear trying to get votes."

And maybe take a ride on the Tilt A Whirl or Moby Dick.

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