NTSB releases information on Region 8 plane crash

BUFFALO CITY, AR (KAIT) – The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) releases additional information about Tuesday's plane crash.

The Baxter County Sheriff's Office says NTSB Investigator Timothy LeBaron explained that only the fuselage, engine, propeller, and one wing of the plane could be found at the main wreckage site. With the use of the sheriff's office helicopter, investigators were able to find the other wing of the plane approximately one half of a mile from the main site; the tail was found in another area.

According to The Baxter County Sheriff's Office, NTSB says evidence shows the plane's propeller was running at the time of the crash. It is still unclear which of the two men were actually operating the aircraft since both were licensed pilots.

LeBaron says pieces of the plane are still missing and asks that anyone who finds pieces of the plane to contact the sheriff's office.

A preliminary report will be available at the NTSB web site in about one week.

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BUFFALO CITY, AR (KAIT) – The names of the two victims in the plane crash on Sunday have been released.

The Baxter County Sheriff's Office says the victims are a father and son. Robert Joseph Ross, 62, of Santa Cruz, CA was a flight instructor for United Flying Services in Watson, CO. His son, Michael C. Ross, 32, is from Austin, TX.

The sheriff's office says their identities were confirmed when documents and photos from a cell phone found at the crash site were sent to a relative in California. The family member told police the Cessna T-210 left Danville, IL on Tuesday morning and was en route to Austin, TX.

Sheriff Montgomery says it is still believed that there were only two people on board when the plane crashed.

Authorities do not know why the men were flying over Baxter County when the plane crashed, and say the Federal Aviation Administration stated there were no distress calls from the pilot. The FAA will begin their investigation on Wednesday morning.

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BUFFALO CUTY, AR (KAIT) - According to Baxter County Sheriff's Investigators, two people are now confirmed dead at the scene of the plane crash.

The Baxter County Coroner's Office has confirmed the deaths, but the identities are still not being released.

Investigators from the Federal Aviation and the National Transportation Safety Board will be in Baxter County Wednesday morning to begin investigations.

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BUFFALO CITY, AR. (AP) - The Baxter County sheriff's office says a small airplane has crashed near Buffalo City, in the extreme southern section of the county.

The Baxter Bulletin newspaper reported that the crash about 12:30 p.m. Tuesday started a fire that was put out by local firefighters.

The newspaper said a wing of the aircraft had the word "Cessna" on it, but the model and year of the airplane were not known at mid-afternoon.

There was no word on the number of people aboard, or any confirmed information about injuries or deaths.

Buffalo City, at the southern tip of the county, is on the north bank of the White River, a few miles west of the mouth of the Buffalo River, which enters the White from the south.

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BUFFALO CITY, AR (KAIT) – The Baxter County Sheriff's Office says an air plane has crashed in Buffalo City, AR.

According to a press release, deputies, firemen, and rescue teams are on the scene and firemen are battling flames at this time.

No further information has been released at this time, but Region 8 News will continue to track this story to bring you more information as it becomes available. Keep checking our web site at www.kait8.com and on Region8togo.com. You can also check for updates during our broadcasts on Region 8 News at 5, 6, and 10.

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