Reyno, AR is going to the dogs -- literally

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REYNO, AR (KAIT) - Reyno, AR is going to the dogs, literally! Numerous stray dogs have been reported in the town of Reyno. This weekend one attacked somebody. Now, residents are demanding something be done!

Reyno is a small town right outside of Pocahontas, and like many small communities it does not have a dog pound, which makes it hard to keep dogs from roaming the streets.

"About every other day you'll see a couple of stray dogs roaming around," says Joseph Hoskins, who has lived in Reyno for ten years. "I don't know where these dogs are coming from," he says. "There's a dog catcher that comes in town about once a month, sometimes twice, but there's certain dogs he'll let just roam town."

"We've called and called about these dogs," says Rick Hudson. He even took pictures of dogs wandering through the neighborhood. "There's the dog loose again and if they do come up here they say they can't find them," he says.

"They're everywhere," says Stephanie King. Her daughter, Catalina, was attacked by a dog Friday afternoon. Now she's worried about her other children. "My kids go over here every morning to get the school bus, and they say there's dogs over there every morning."

"I think it's been the same on going problem for several years," says Chad Mulligan, who is the Pocahontas Police Chief. "It's pretty much the same in a lot of rural areas. It being so remote out there and being on the highway, a lot of people when they just don't want their animals they just turn them loose."

Mulligan says the Reyno Mayor contracts Pocahontas Animal Control to come out a few times a month, coming back with as many as 10 dogs. But, is there really a way to eliminate the problem? "I don't think you can because the only way you're going to correct that is human nature. Dogs can't take care of themselves, and if they owners of the animals can't correct and take care of them. Then you can't cure it," says Mulligan.

Mulligan says people need to think responsibly before getting a pet and think of the long term. If you can't take care of the pet, take it to animal control so it can be adopted by someone who can. There Pocahontas Animal Control is located at 135 Landfill Rd or contact them at (870) 892-1390.

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