Jonesboro City Council meeting

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro City Council met Tuesday night to discuss many things, including a proposed measure concerning the Nordex USA Wind Turbine Plant.

City Council approved a measure to sell $45 million worth of bonds to fund the Nordex USA Wind Turbine Plant.

Mayor Harold Perrin says the company is expected to begin production in October.

The council also passed an amendment to petition the governor to change the way major economic development projects are funded. Perrin says the current rules are too restrictive.

"You have to have two things. You have to invest $500 million in capital and you have to create 500 new jobs. It doesn't say 'and/or.' We have lost some of those companies who have looked at Jonesboro to other states because those states were not as restrictive," said Perrin.

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