Region 8 library helping people get back to work

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 library is trying to help people find employment.

The Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library is offering a class called "Introduction to Resumes." Patrons are allowed to come in and work for an hour on their resumes with experts.

They are given access to the library's resume software program, which provides them with a template to get their resume started, and are given helpful tips on what they can do to "spruce up" their resume.

Information Services Personnel for the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library, Kristy Gates, says she's noticed a need in the community that the library is trying to meet.

"We started doing this because we are well aware that the economy is really tough and it's really hard to find a job and this is just another service that the library can provide for our customers that will help them find a job to better their life and that's what the library's here for.  The job market is so influx right now that it's hard to find a job. So, it's always good to have the best resume possible."

Gates says so far the resume class seems to be a success!

"They have really enjoyed it because it gives them an opportunity to discover what needs to be tweaked on their resume. It gives them a chance to actually come in here and work on it. I think that's one of the things, is finding a place where they can actually sit down and work on their resume and have some one on one time with somebody to help them.  It's kind of hard to do self-editing yourself, so it's always nice to have someone there to help you out."

Gates says the people coming in for help haven't been on the "job hunt" for quite some time.

"One of the things we've noticed is that these people have had the same job for twenty or more years and they've never had to actually go back in and try to find a job. You know, they've been laid off due to the economy or things such as that. I do see stay at home moms. People who are trying to go back to college. Just trying to better themselves is the big thing."

The resume class is currently being offered at least once a month.

But the library isn't stopping there!

They also offer a series of computer classes such as "Meet the Mouse", for those who have never used a computer, "Introduction to Email" and even a class on power point and basic word programs.

For more information about any of these classes, you can call the front information desk at the Jonesboro Public Library at 935-5133, extension 1121 or you can log onto their website.

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