Jonesboro fire and police investigating a string of arsons

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"I'd say going back to April, started noticing that we started having fires that seemed to be possibly connected," said Jonesboro Fire Department Fire Marshal, Jason Wills.

The most recent in a string of intentionally set house fires happened at 1100 Turner Street off Nettleton in Jonesboro, according to Wills.

"Right now we're just trying to put together pieces," said Wills.

Wills says the house burned on August 20th, one of at least 9 of what he calls arsons that have happened city wide since April.

"All the homes have been occupied homes that that person has forced entry into the homes," said Wills.

Wills says no one has been hurt in the fires, but numerous homes are damaged or destroyed.  Both the police and fire departments are working together to stop this arsonist before he can destroy someone else's home.

"When we have something like this going on, it's a team effort," said Wills.

"We started working together along with the CID detectives in trying to identify any possible trends and patterns that might be occurring in these arsons," said Jonesboro Police Department Crime Analyst, Heather Clements.

Clements says any information be it a suspicious person, vehicle, or strange activity can be vital to cases like this.

"Any small piece of information that you the public might think is completely insignificant may be the one thing that ties two or three of these fires together and breaks open the entire case," said Clements.

Both Clements and Jason Wills are asking anyone with information to come forward.

Any information that we could get at this point, could possibly be helpful to us," said Wills.

If you have any information about these fires, it could be worth some cash.

Call Crimestoppers, at (870) 935-STOP.

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