Red Wolves season is official

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Red Wolves football season officially kicked off Tuesday at Valley View Elementary.

More than six hundred elementary students were decked out in their red t-shirts as they watched ASU cheerleaders and the dance team perform.

Dawn Layer, Chairman for the ASU Committee Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce, says this isn't the first year they've celebrated the start of the football season.

"This is the kickoff to the season for the Red Wolves Football team. And so, we do this every year. We always launch it off with a balloon launch. We pick a school with the elementary kids to it. This year Valley View Elementary was selected. We try move it around to the different school districts. And they've gotten all into it. They've got their t-shirts on, they've got their balloons and ready to go!"

Layer says they hold these events to promote ASU spirit within the community, "We do everything we can to support ASU. That's what the ASU Committee does. And so, we always have a number of events that we help sponsor."

Layer says they do a variety of things to support the university, "We work with the student athletes. We do things with mentoring kids. There's just a lot of different things that we do and it's all about supporting and enhancing our relationship, the community's relationship with ASU."

Layer says their big event will be Friday evening in downtown Jonesboro, "Friday night is the tailgate and it's downtown and we block off downtown. It's a really good time. There's music, there's food. The ASU cheerleaders, dance team and band will all be there. Howl will be there. It's fun and it's all free."

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