Cache River Added to EPA List

June 10, 2003
Posted at: 2:11 p.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Federal environmental officials say more Arkansas waterways are suffering from pollution.

The Environmental Protection Agency announced plans yesterday to add 16 lakes and parts of 11 rivers, streams and bayous to the list of polluted waters in Arkansas.

Placing the waters on the list means the state will have to begin enforcing more stringent environmental regulations to clean up the pollution.

As required by the Clean Water Act, the state Department of Environmental Quality last year identified 60 polluted lakes, rivers and streams.

State environmental regulators disagree about the extent of pollution in the 27 lakes, rivers and streams declared by the EPA.

Among the additions are: Lakes Winona, Sylvia, Wilhelmina, Nimrod, Horseshoe, Old Town and parts of Bayou DeView, the Cache River, Village Creek, Overflow Creek and the Ouachita River oxbow lakes below Camden.

In six of the lakes, EPA officials were concerned about the amount of mercury found in fish. One of those lakes, Lake Winona, is the source of Little Rock's drinking water.

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